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Are you tired of “sticking” to your seats during the hot Buffalo summer months or freezing during the never-ending cold of winter? A Remote Car Starter from Continental Transmission can eliminate those interior temperature problems!

You can get a remote car starter system from us here at Continental Transmission and we will professionally install it for you. Then, with the press of a button you can start your vehicle to warm it up or cool it down – making your car a comfortable temperature before you get in and go. You can start your car from 500-1000 feet away and have the A/C or heat on before you even leave the office.  With a Remote Car Starter you’ll step into a temperature-controlled vehicle and your engine will have a chance to warm up before you drive, leading to less engine wear and tear.

Your Remote Car Starter will make you the “coolest” driver in Buffalo, New York and help you beat the “heat” no matter how hot it gets!

Go With A Pro For Your Remote Starter Installation

Remote starters turn on your vehicle’s ignition before you’re in the car so it is important that it’s installed correctly. Between the safety protocols and electrical features that need to be connected this is not a DIY job. Give the professionals at Continental Transmission a call and we can get you started!


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